Jesus, Salvation, and Hell (Bibliography)

You’ve heard the questions… maybe even asked the questions. At the very least you’ve thought about them…

  • Do you have to believe in Jesus Christ to be saved?
  • What about those who’ve never heard of Jesus… that innocent native in Africa?
  • Is there salvation outside of the Christian faith?
  • Do people really go to hell?
  • Etc., etc., etc.

These are tough questions and they’re asked all the time. In fact, on the Board of Ordained Ministry here in Florida, we ask a similar question or two in hopes of getting our candidates to wrestle with such things. Certainly, they’ll be asked these kinds of questions in the churches they serve.

Below is a helpful bibliography to serve you in addressing these topics. To be sure, such questions require more thought and time than is usually offered on a television talk show. Perhaps a few of the books below will help inform you for your own edification as well as equip you to share what you learn with others.

Happy Reading,

How Should We Then Live? (1-3)

with Francis Schaeffer