Men Stuff

Here are some links to some great articles, websites, etc., for men that I came across this week.


1.) What is the Eternal Significance of Everyday Work? by Elise Amyx at The Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics

2.) Men’s Identity Struggle by Eric Hogue at

3.) Raising a Man in a Boy’s World by David Jeremiah, also at

4.) Power of the Home - a great new website, blog, etc., from Lifeway

5.) A Father’s Prayer by Thom Rainer at Power of the Home

6.) 8 Things to Know About Disciplining Your Child by Ryan Sanders at the Fatherhood Initiative Project

7.) 10 Ways to Help Your Child Deal with Bullying, also by Ryan Sanders at the Fatherhood Initiative Project

8.) The Good Man Project - This is not a website or “movement” (as they put it) that is coming from a biblical perspective. There is plenty of “the world” running in and through their material. However, there have been some useful articles that I’ve read since I ran across it a couple of weeks ago. I like very much their emphasis on hammering out what meaningful manhood is in our culture today, even if they don’t often line up exactly with where I might be. So, use your own discernment. And think to yourself… “Acts 17″

The Significance of Your 9 – 5 Job

by Brian Brenberg at byFaith Magazine

On Labor Day, we should honor those who serve the Lord 9 to 5. But if you think I’m talking only about pastors and preachers, then you need to meet a man named Stephen.

Acts 6 opens with the Greeks complaining that their widows aren’t getting enough to eat in the daily distribution. The apostles, meanwhile, are working so hard to feed the widows that they can’t find time to preach. And as the church grows, the problem gets worse. So, like good economists, the apostles propose a division of labor: They’ll stick to preaching and let the disciples find somebody else to serve tables.

When we talk about “full-time” ministry today, it’s the apostles we usually have in mind—people whose daily work is devoted to preaching and teaching. The problem is that most of us aren’t preachers, and probably shouldn’t be. Most of us are much better at jobs that fall into the “non-preaching” category. To put it in the language of Acts 6, most of us are table servers. And most of us have no idea if this work matters to God.

So does it?

Learn the answer as you read the rest of this article by clicking here.

No Man Left Behind: A Model, A Method, and A Mindset

from the good folks at Man in the Mirror Ministries

No Man Left Behind is being used by more and more churches that want to make men’s discipleship a priority, and want a process to follow. We’ll look at three different perspectives on No Man Left Behind over the next three Briefings: as a model, a method and a mindset.

  • A Model — A pattern to follow that results in building something that looks like the picture.
  • A Method — How do you make it happen? The Create-Capture-Sustain process gives you a method for helping men find and follow Christ.
  • A Mindset — The all-inclusive mindset means we break out of conventional “men’s ministry” thinking, and instead begin to think about how we can reach EVERY man that interacts with our church in any way.

Click here to read the whole post.

Vocation: A Biblical View of Work (Lifelong Learning)

Part of my ministry focus is working with folks, particularly men, who are seeking to faithfully understand and follow God’s call in their lives. This search naturally and rightly leads to a discussion (and often, even a study) on discovering one’s overarching purpose as well as their unique vocation.

Here are two really helpful online video classes on the topic of vocation… our calling from God and how it relates to our “work.”

1.) A Biblical View of Work by Ken Boa (a couple of the videos aren’t presently working, but hopefully those glitches will be corrected by the time you get to those particular videos.)

2.) A Theology of Work by Gerry Breshears at

Here’s a description of the course…

We are created in God’s image and God invites us to be co-workers with him. By developing and using the spiritual gifts God has given us, the tasks we perform when we work have eternal significance in themselves. We also have opportunities to interact with our co-workers, promote justice and enjoy times of rest.

Both teachers and courses are superb. I’ve been blessed by what I have learned for my own edification as well as what I might pass on to others with whom and to whom I minister.