Day 1: Countdown to 50

number-1-signI bet you’ve heard a few of the ways that people encourage others to accomplish a big project. They say things like, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.” – OR – “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” Well, the countdown to my 50th birthday has to begin somewhere, so I guess it will begin with DAY 1.

Of course, there are lots of folks who begin some new program every January… but before the month is over, they are. Been there, done that.

Anyone can make a commitment. It’s the keeping of the commitment that’s the hard part. Seinfeld put it this way (just substitute the word “commitment” for “reservation,” and you’ll see what I mean) Take a look…

I want to do more than just make a commitment, I want to keep it. That’s partly why I’m sharing this experience. On that note, I’ll happily take any wisdom any of you have to offer on the subject. I’ll absolutely take any of your prayers or encouragement.

Lastly, while this little project of mine is going to focus primarily on health and fitness sort-of-stuff, I may throw in a few other things that I’m working on. It’s essentially a work in progress, as am I. And, unless I’m feeling creative, most posts won’t be very long… just a few of “the facts” for that day. Again, we’ll see what all of this morphs into.

The day after Christmas probably isn’t the best day to begin a new program, but that’s the day that follows my birthday, so I can’t start off my countdown by complaining about circumstances. It is what it is. Today I got up and dropped two of my boys off for a scouting camp they’re attending. I then headed to the gym.

Nothing fancy or over-the-top. I walked for 45 minutes on the treadmill and then just a few movements to reintroduce my body to exercise. There was a day where I would do WAY TOO MUCH and end up inflicting unnecessary pain upon myself. And all that accomplished, besides the pain, was to take myself out of commission for another couple of weeks. So, I’m going to ease into this.

All that said, I’m happy to report that I did in fact make it to the gym and exercised. Since my birthday was yesterday I enjoyed some wonderful birthday cake and other treats… yesterday. And while all that stuff is still in my house, I’m done eating it. My kids have my permission to attack me if they seem moving near it.

One last word, and I’m done. (And truly, this will be as long as it ever gets.) I may occasionally mention if I’ve lost any weight (maybe once a week) and talk about changing the way I eat (which I’ll refer to as diet, though no one likes that word… yet it’s helpful shorthand. I hate to keep having to say over and over, “it’s not a diet, it’s a change in the way I’m thinking and living.”). I’ve never had to struggle with an eating disorder, but certainly know folks who have. If this is an area you struggle with, I encourage you to check out this blog which deals with more than eating disorders, but does address them from a biblical perspective. I think you’ll find much encouragement there.

Okay, Day 1 is in the books. Thanks for checking in.


The Countdown to My 50th Birthday

10557459_10203839537496555_3961256502935615372_n (3)On December 25, 2014 I will turn 49. During these 49 years, (at least the adult years), I have done my best to stay on top of my spiritual life, family life, life as a pastor, etc. While I know there is room for improvement in each of these spheres of life, I am certain that I have let my health go. I have lived a fairly sedentary life.

My goal for this year, (my last one before the BIG 50), is to get in the best shape I can before then. I’m not doing this so I can compete in the next CrossFit championship or run the next Spartan race. I don’t believe it’s a midlife crisis, (though living to be 100 would be great). Instead, like you often hear on shows like The Biggest Loser, I’m doing this so I can experience a better quality of health, enjoy my family longer, and so on.

Biblically and theologically, I am forced to admit that I have fallen short of what it means to treat my body as a temple of the Holy Spirit. God has created us as whole beings. We are not only spiritual or emotional or intellectual. We are also physical beings. I realize this is all pretty obvious, but it’s a truth I need to remember more often. I’m quick to develop the spiritual, intellectual, family, etc., areas of my life, all the while, ignoring my health.

About five years ago I did Weight Watchers and it was a wonderful experience. It was very important in helping me reach my goal weight. But even then I was not exercising. I lost weight, but I’m not sure I was healthy. This time around I want to be more intentional and comprehensive in my approach. I want to incorporate not only better eating, but also exercise.

I work best when I can track my progress. I believe accountability is key in this pursuit of better health and what’s more accountable than tracking all of this publicly?

At present I’m not sure what this will look like, so this will be a work in progress. We’ll see how it goes throughout this year.

Thanks for stopping by.