A Father’s Legacy

Taken from Discipleship Journal

We’d been robbed! Returning home from a three-week vacation, we found cupboards opened, appliances moved, the basement door ajar. The usual sense of welcome and rest in our house was swept away by the uneasy, sinking feeling of loss as we cataloged the missing belongings.
A call to the insurance agent revealed our coverage would replace the clock radio, telephone, and jewelry boxes the burglars carried away in a pillowcase. Unfortunately, no kind of coverage could replace the personal items that were gone.
My high school and college rings—I hadn’t worn them for more than a decade, but had saved them faithfully for my children, Ben and Betsy. A collection of bicentennial silver dollars, halves, and quarters. A medicine bottle filled with Ben’s baby teeth, every one except the one he swallowed—we’d systematically collected them to present as a gift when his own children began teething.
As I reflected on those priceless losses, my thoughts turned to my children’s remaining time at home. In eight years Ben will pack his things for college; a year later Betsy will follow. Soon after that they may marry or move to another part of the country. I asked myself, What legacy do I really want to leave my children?
More than rings or coins or baby teeth, my honest desire is to leave them a greater part of myself. I want their legacy to include some examples, characteristics, and experiences that will last them a lifetime. I want them to have:

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