Shepherding Sons

From a class I taught last year…

We do not live in a Christ-cultivating-culture. Far too many influences in our world communicate the very opposite of what God’s Word teaches. If it’s hard enough living as a Christian adult in this atmosphere, can you imagine how tough it must be for our children?

God’s Word teaches us that God has ordained that both the family and the church are responsible to pass down the Christian faith from generation to generation. The purpose of this class is to help educate, equip, and encourage fathers to do precisely that for their families, particularly their sons.

While parents have the primary responsibility in raising their children in the Christian faith, we, as a church family, are in this together. We promise this very thing every time a child is baptized. In other words, we are called to serve each other in the raising of our sons.

Boys are future men. The statistics tell us that unguided (un-shepherded) boys (and men) can make a real mess in this world. Yet we want the very best that God has to offer for our sons. We know that we have them for only a short time. We want them to know Christ, live for him, become like him, and make a difference in this world for him. That’s what this class will be all about.


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