The Best Way to Train Future Leaders: Ignore Them

I’m a fan of Jeff Myers and his organization, Passing the Baton. He deeply cares about equipping parents, churches, and other organizations to disciple, coach, and mentor our children to become world-changers for Christ. That’s a tall order, but he’s definitely on the right track.

Below is an article about his philosophy of doing all of this as well as some information about his new DVD curriculum for parents, churches, or schools. I’ve already purchased it and will be teaching it to the parents of our youth this summer.

Here’s an excerpt…

DAYTON, Tenn., April 20 /Christian Newswire/ — With all of the news lately about the “collapse of evangelicalism,” the ministry community is desperately seeking ways to equip the next generation of Christians..”

Passing the Baton International (PTBI) has unique method: Ignore them. Instead of working directly with youth, PTBI looks for adults with the potential to be “leadership coaches”–people willing to walk alongside young adults and give them opportunities to grow as leaders.

PTBI’s founder, Dr. Jeff Myers, arrived at this unconventional approach after years as a conference speaker. “No matter how many speeches I gave, the young adults who actually emerged as leaders had all been significantly influenced life-on-life by a parent or mentor

Click here to read the whole thing.



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