Discipling Your Children

from The Old Schoolhouse

Discipling our children shouldn’t be compartmentalized and separate from the rest of our life. It’s more than just reading a devotional together or taking them to church. As researcher George Barna says, “A biblical worldview must be both taught and caught – that is, it has to be explained and modeled.”

Have you ever tried to learn something like quilting just by reading a book? When I first decided that I wanted to learn how to quilt, I went to the library, checked out a stack of books, and then promptly realized that I was going to need someone to help me in person. Even if someone could explain something to me over the phone, I’d say, “Can you just show me?” I needed someone standing right there with me who knew what she was doing — someone I could watch as she worked step-by-step, someone who could see when I was making a mistake and help me correct it, and someone who really was excited about what I was learning.

It’s that way with homeschooling and discipling our children. Our children need us to show them what it looks like to be a Christian step-by-step, day-by-day. They need to see how we make choices about how we spend our time. They need to see us putting others before ourselves. They need to see us praying with and ministering to others. They need to see us seeking the LORD in all that we do.

Don’t worry that you don’t have ALL the answers or that you still struggle at times. God uses imperfect people every day. Through our struggles we can grow and learn, and continue to point our children back towards The One Who Is Perfect and Does Have All The Answers!


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