The Value of the Family Dinner

Breakfasts and dinners are a lot of fun in our family (except when someone is communicating their feelings about a vegetable with a “protest-fast”). But we have a great time together. Breakfasts are usually when we have family worship together which I’ve written about elsewhere.

Our dinners are made up of discussions and even games.


How was your day? What did you to today? What did you learn…and tell us about it. What was your favorite thing you did today? We try to really express our interest in one another’s lives by sharing with the whole family at the same time. This will always be a staple of our dinner-time conversations. But my goal, when the kids get older, is to intensify the discussion topics.


We also play games. Sometimes we play “Stump Daddy,” which is when the kids break out the Bible trivia book and ask me the most obscure questions imaginable about the Bible. For some reason, they love to watch me crash and burn. We also have some “trivia” sorts of questions that I ask them. These usually allow for conversations about the questions. And if any of you ever saw “Scrooge” with Albert Finney, then you know what game I’m talking about when I say that we also play “The Minister’s Cat.” Trying to match capitals and states is also a big hit around here.


The best thing to come from our time together, of course, is that we are building relationships with one another. We laugh (most of the time). We share. It really is love-in-motion.


I came across a great and creative article today on the same subject by Eric Hogue, who has apparently really put some thought into this. I thought you and your family might benefit from it. (Click Here)

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