Heroes with Feet of Clay

The best of men are men at best. I once heard that and it has stuck with me ever since. It is a stern warning against making any person, other than God himself, your standard bearer.

Regular readers of this blog know that I include a devotional from A.W. Tozer at least once a week and reference him nearly as often. He has been a spiritual guide of mine since the early 90s.

A recent biography about Tozer has shed a bit of unfavorable light on this great man that is hard to take. Yet it’s another reminder that even the most godly among us have feet of clay. It was J.I. Packer writing about another hero of mine, Richard Baxter, who commented that great men can make great mistakes. This was true with Baxter. It appears to have been true of Tozer as well.

Justin Taylor posts this very fine collection of reviews about the Tozer biography on his blog. I encourage you to read it and think of it as a mirror. I know I saw a bit of myself in it as I read it. Perhaps I don’t have the same issues as Tozer. Yet I too, as is all too clear to anyone who knows me, have feet of clay.

I will continue to read and listen to Tozer. God has blessed me through his writings in ways that I’ll never be able to fully thank him for. But next time I catch myself putting him, or anyone else, upon that pedestal, I’ll hopefully think better of it. Putting no other gods before the one, true, and living God includes our heroes…even those who lead us to our Father in heaven.



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