Haiti: Helping Without Hurting

Back in May of last year, (at my former blog), I highlighted The Chalmer’s Center. If you are interested in learning about and pursuing responsible, faithful Christian justice and mercy ministries, then I would encourage you to check out the following, taken verbatim from their newsletter.

They are doing excellent work and I encourage you to learn more about them. Part of renovating your life is to take on the basin and towel and become the same sort of servant-leader as our Lord. (If you would like to purchase the book, Helping Without Hurting, please click here.)



Dear Friend of the Chalmers Center,

As you know, a massive wave of aid has already been directed at survivors of the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti on January 10, 2010. But the aid given must be the right kind of aid to make a difference.

A Webinar Series to Help You Help Haiti
To help churches, relief agencies, and individuals respond appropriately to the crisis in Haiti—helping the Haitian people to take ownership of the rebuilding process—the Chalmers Center will host a three-part, webinar lecture series.

The webinars are scheduled for February 17th, February 24th, and March 3rd, from 1 to 2 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (US).  They will be presented by Steve Corbett and Dr. Brian Fikkert, authors of “When Helping Hurts:  How to Alleviate Poverty Without Hurting the Poor…and Yourself,” a paradigm-shifting book about the causes and solutions to the problem of poverty. The book is in its fifth printing since it was published in July 2009 (www.whenhelpinghurts.org).

Help Without Hurting
This webinar series is intended for all those responding to the needs of the Haitian people, including churches, missions boards, missionaries, ministries, Christian relief and development organizations, NGOs, individuals, volunteers, donors, and short-term missions teams. The webinars will help participants:

  1. Gain an understanding of the harm that can come from an improper understanding of the nature of poverty and its alleviation.
  2. Identify the basic principles and tools needed to develop relationships with low income individuals.
  3. Be able to implement biblically-based economic development ministry programs.

The principles taught in the webinars are not a magic formula for success. However, they are powerful, and they have been used by God in even extremely difficult settings (including in the tsunami of 2004 as described in the book).

There is no charge for the webinars. However, to join a live webinar session, you must register. Register Now »

If you cannot join a live webinar, a download link of the recorded webinar will be posted on the webinar registration page within two business days following the date of the live webinar session.

Share This Information With Others
Please share information about these webinars with your ministry team and with those in your larger ministry network who might benefit from this training.

In Christ,
Bernie Alimonti


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