A Prayer for Today

by Dale Tedder

Today, O Lord, I greatly desire your Spirit to fill me and dwell within me. Please anoint me with godliness, wisdom, and grace-filled love so that I can and will be a blessing to those to whom and with whom I minister. Please cause me to represent you well. Please give me knowledge, wisdom, depth of insight, discernment, understanding and the ability to encourage others.

Above all, cause me to be faithful to you in all my thoughts, words, deeds, and attitudes. May I be blameless, righteous, just, holy, and godly. Saturate me in your Word and Spirit. Consecrate and sanctify me and make your servant for the living of this day – a man after your own heart.

Lord, I desperately need you for the living of another day. I thank and praise you that you graciously have given me another day of life. Help me to not take it for granted. Help me… cause me… to use every moment of it for your glory. Please.

Please help me to practice your presence today. Am I different from the world? Am I holy enough? Am I growing in my sanctification? I desire to be, yet will not be without you in my life. Again, I humbly ask you to fill me to overflowing with your Spirit. I need your wisdom, strength, guidance. Please give me the gifts and graces that I will need to glorify, obey, serve, and represent you well today and for me to be a blessing to others. Lord hear my prayer. In Christ I pray. Amen.


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