Integrity in Real Life

I posted this over at my new site this morning, Southside Men. I thought it was certainly worth sharing over here as well. Enjoy.

Integrity is more than just something we talk about in our small groups. We study it, talk about it, and pray for it so that we’ll live it every day of our lives… even when there’s every temptation not to. The following story is a great illustration of what I’m talking about. Here’s an excerpt…

What happened in the junk off the 18th green at the Harbour Town Golf Links could have all been avoided if Brian Davis had only taken the easy way out.

That, however, was never really an option. Davis was going to play the shot out of the hazard instead of taking a penalty drop because it was probably the only chance he had to finally win a golf tournament.

And for that, golf can be grateful.

If this was some kind of fairy tale story, Davis would have won the tournament he so desperately wanted to win. It’s not, and Jim Furyk’s name is on both the winner’s trophy and the $1.026 million check.

Don’t expect Davis to be happy about that. He’s tried too long and too hard to win a PGA tournament, and this one was almost in his hands.

“You’re not playing for second, but playing to win,” Davis said. “But I can hold my head up high.”

Click here to read the rest at Yahoo News.



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