Worship Questions

My church has recently put together a Worship Development Team to help us think through corporate worship on Sunday mornings. We want to faithfully worship God on Lord’s day mornings in ways that will glorify him and will be a blessing to our church family. Thus, we’re asking those important questions about worship: Who – What – Why – When – Where – How.

Worship is such a divisive issue. Whenever one brings up the subject, it seems that you are immediately hurled into the five-millionth version of the worship wars. We’re trying to avoid that. The subject is just not interesting and it’s not very helpful. Besides, we have both a “contemporary” service (whatever that means) and a “traditional” service (whatever that means). Getting to the heart of what God has revealed to us about worship (and then putting it into practice) is our team’s primary goal.

And so, we’re trying to ask good questions with hopes of arriving at faithful answers. Some of those primary questions are…

  • Who – Who is being worshiped? Who is doing the worshipping?
  • How – What is happening in our worship services now? What ought to be happening? What should be our attitude during worship (before worship; after worship)?
  • What – What are the components or elements of worship? What should they be? What is worship? What does it mean to worship?
  • Why – This is the big question. What is the purpose and goal of worship? Why should we gather together to worship God in the first place?

Last night was really just an opportunity to get the ball rolling. Besides planning on when we’ll meet together to discuss worship we also agreed to study this great matter on our own. Chiefly, of course, we’re going to be digging into God’s Word to see what has indeed been revealed (as well as what has not been revealed). We’re also going to be studying some books on worship.

This is where you, my faithful readers, come in. I would love to get some feedback from you regarding what books on worship have been helpful to you and/or your church as you have thought through the subject of corporate worship. Please share those titles under comments.

A few books that I’m going to read and reread are…

Again, I would love any suggestions you have for books that are helpful at getting at the heart of worship.

Pray for us as we begin this journey of discovering the riches of worshiping our great God and King in spirit and truth.

The Lord bless you,


2 thoughts on “Worship Questions

  1. My pastor recently recommended “Real Worship: Playground, Battleground, or Holy Ground.” It was excellent.

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