A Prayer for this Lord’s Day

A prayer by Peter Marshall

Lord, I pause to look back on the long way Thou hast brought me, on the long days in which I have been served, not according to my deserts but according to my desires and Thy loving mercies. Let me meditate upon the dark nights through which I have come, the sinister things from which I have been delivered – and have a grateful heart. Let meditate upon my sins forgiven, for my shame unpublished – and have a grateful heart.

I thank Thee, O Lord, that, in Thy mercy, so many things I feared never came to pass. Fill my heart with thankful praise. Help me to repay in service to others the debt of Thy unmerited benefits and mercies. May the memories of sorrows that disciplined my spirit keep me humble and make me grateful that my God is no celestial Santa Claus but a divine Saviour. In His name I offer this sacrifice of praise. Amen.


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