A Prayer for this Lord’s Day (Secure in the Love of God)

Secure in the Love of God: A Prayer
Ken Boa
(Ken Boa has many wonderful resources on prayer at his website. I encourage you to visit it and check them out.)

Lord God, Your love for me is causeless and ceaseless and measureless. You have loved me because You have chosen to do so, not because of anything I am or have done. This is the wellspring of my true security, and I revel in Your unconditional love and acceptance, knowing that I could never have earned it or merited it. This frees me to be the person You intended me to be—secure enough in Your love so that I can love and serve others. May I show kindness and compassion for people, even when they may turn against me. Give me the grace to be a peacemaker and a reconciler with the people You sovereignly place in my path. Let me learn to see my love, fidelity and service to them as an expression of who I am to You and who You are to me.


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