Great Articles on Discipling Your Kids

New Horizons takes Christian families seriously. They generally have at least one great article each month that I find helpful, (as a Christian father), to navigate my family in and through life with covenant faithfulness.

This issue that I’m highlighting is especially helpful. I encourage you to check out these articles. Read them. Digest them. Pray over them. Put them into practice. And share them with others.

Kids, Character, and Catechism by L. Charles Jackson

The Lost Art and Practice of Family Devotions by Brad Winsted

The Divines’ Intent by Sidney D. Dyer

Edification—not Provocation by Arie van Eyk

If you would like to search New Horizon’s great archive of past articles, click here.



3 thoughts on “Great Articles on Discipling Your Kids

  1. Thank you so much for this post. After attending The Proverbs 31 ministries SheSpeaks conference, I was challenged to focus on the most important ministry of my life- the one of wife and mother. Parenting challenges often derail my most well-intentioned days. I know it is a place where, if I choose to allow God to work, our family will bear much fruit. I am looking forward to reading these articles and others like them in our quest to become the parents God has designed us to be.

    1. Every pastor knows that Paul tells Timothy that a pastor has to have things squared away at home if he would be qualified to shepherd his flock at church. Tough words, but we all (pastors, moms, dads, and hopeful public speakers) must make sure our little flock at home is our first priority if we would ask God to bless a public and/or wider ministry.


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