My Daily Prayer

I actually wrote the following prayer back in 2004, but the truth is that I had been praying bits and pieces of it for several years before then. But it was in August of ’04 that I decided to write it out and make it a daily petition to God. The danger there, of course, is not let it become a rote  and lifeless ritual. I prayed it fairly regularly for a couple of years until I gradually moved on to new areas of focus in my prayer life.

I still return to it from time to time as the themes remain key in my life. Most of it is my own, but some parts of it, (for example… the opening.), I got from a prayer-book that I sometimes use. Another part I actually got from The Lord of the Rings – I know, I know… how corny can a guy get? (I’m more of a synthesizer of thought than an originator of it.) Anyway, I thought I might share it with you to encourage you to write down some of your prayers based on where you feel God is calling you in your life and what you believe the key areas of focus in your own life might be. It’s a helpful exercise if nothing else.

I tweaked it a little to update it since my fourth child, Grant, had not yet graced our family.

The Lord bless you,


All Hail, O Lord my King! Reverently would I greet Thee at the beginning of another day! All praise and love and loyalty be unto Thee, O Lord most high.

Father, my purpose is to glorify you, my King, in all that I say, do, and think today – and to extend your Kingdom into every sphere of my life until my time here is done. And so, I pray, that you give me an earnestness to redeem the time that you have entrusted to me. Give me, I pray, a fervent single-mindedness to pursue this purpose all of my days. Abide in me Lord, so that I will bear much good and lasting fruit.

Empower me Lord, by your Spirit, to be devoted, loyal, and committed to you in all I do today. Please give me your wisdom to lead and shepherd those with whom I have been entrusted. Conform me to your likeness and direct my feet, that I might walk the narrow path without faltering. And may I follow you, my King, to whatever end.

Almighty and Sovereign Lord, help me die to myself today and live utterly for you and others. Give me the same humility of my Lord who made himself nothing – that he might serve and die for those who despised him. Help me to gladly and willingly live and die in complete obscurity as long as my life might be used in some small way to help bring forth reformation and revival to my family, friends and church – that they would do great things for your Kingdom. And Father, please remind me throughout this day, that if I do not stand firm in my faith, I will not stand at all.

Ride forth in me, O King of kings and Lord of lords, that I may live victoriously, and in victory attain my end. And if today would be my end, then I pray, O Lord, that it would be such an end as to be worthy of remembrance.

And so, may I speak each word today as though it was my last word and walk each step as though it was my final step. And if my life should end today, then, O Lord, let this be my best day.

Finally Lord, help me throughout this day to keep my eyes, not on the temporal trinkets of this world, but on the crown that will last forever. Enable me to persevere until at last I approach the undying lands – your City – not made with human hands but eternal in the heavens – that I may find rest there and finally see your face, which is better by far.

I ask this for the sake of my wife, Suzanne, and my children, Natalie, Dylan, Jake, and Grant – as well as their children and their children’s children after them. And for the glory and exaltation of my Savior, Lord, and King. For it is in the power of his Spirit and for his sake I pray. Amen.


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