Suggested Reading for Men’s Discipleship

I’ve been a fan of Pat Morley’s Man in the Mirror ministry for a good number of years now. In my opinion, Morley well understands the Bible, discipleship, and men.

I would encourage you to read the following suggested articles that he has linked on his resource page. I have read them and they are very helpful.

Suggested Readings on DiscipleshipRead the articles we consider most important for the pastor or leader who wants to focus on men’s discipleship. Read more articles in the A Look in the Mirror archives.

113. “Sustainability” The #1 Problem in Men’s Ministry
112. A Call for a Discipleship Reformation of the Church
107. What is a Disciple? And How Do You Make One?
105. Rethinking Men’s Ministry – A View from 30,000 Feet
88. The State of Men in America
86. A Theology and Philosophy of Men’s Ministry
85. The Battle for Men’s Souls
75. The Future of Men’s Ministry
60. Attracting Men Back to Church
58. The Three Essential Things That Make a Disciple
52. Sustaining Momentum in Your Men’s Ministry
47. How I Would Start a Men’s Ministry in My Church
34. Recovering a Vision for Making Disciples
24. Can a Men’s Ministry Really Last?
17. How to Build a Strong Men’s Ministry


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