New Men’s Study at Southside

In a couple of weeks our men’s weekly discipleship ministry will begin a new study entitled, Empowered By God: Insights into the Life of Moses by Gene Getz. Here’s an excerpt from the cover…

One of the most compelling of all biblical men, Moses was not unfamiliar with trying times of leadership or moments of intense self-doubt or sustained periods in the literal desert. As a man, he wrestled witht he assignment God had given him as he faithfully carried out his God-given charge. This study will teach you how to emerge from the smaller story to be a man truly empowered by God.

Here are the titles of the lessons…

  1. Paternal Action Required
  2. The Line in the Sand
  3. Ready…Fire…Aim
  4. Paralysis of Doubt
  5. Divine Confidence
  6. Image is Everything
  7. A Matter of Survival
  8. Love Hurts
  9. Life on the Edge
  10. From Desert to Glory
  11. Reality Bites
  12. Reality Bites Again
  13. The Human Part of the Equation

As always, this study is open to any man who would like to join other men each week to study God’s Word, pray and enjoy Christian fellowship.

If you have any questions about time, location, etc., please don’t hesitate to give me a call at 396-2676 or shoot me an email at



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