New Feature at the Journal

In what I hope will be for your convenience and encouragement, I have placed the devotionals, articles, sermons, etc., that I have written in more easily accessible locations on my blog. They can be found at the top of the page under the following headings…

Miscellany – This page contains my devotions (along with the Scripture the devotion is based on), articles on discipleship, coaching, counseling, the Christian Home, Spiritual Formation articles and inventories, sermons, biographical tributes, book reviews, and various other odds and ends.

Men and Future Men – This page contains articles for men and about men… whether it’s ideas on ministry to men, discipling men, specific men’s issues, (i.e., marriage, fatherhood, temptation, etc.) and the like. I’m going to also be including articles on raising sons. That’s a work in progress.

United Methodist Stuff – This page lists various articles and sermons I’ve written that deal with United Methodist doctrine, ministry issues, thoughts about the goings on of the denomination, etc.

There will be some overlap between these three pages from time to time, but hopefully not much. As new posts are included on the pages, I’ll put the date that I added the post. My hope is that this will add value to folks who take the time to visit the blog and read what I’ve written. Much of it was hard to find in the archives, and I supposedly knew where to look.

It’s always my prayer that something I have written will encourage you and be useful to you in your walk with Christ.



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