Best of My Inbox

I get a lot of stuff (probably way too much) in my inbox. It’s a self-inflicted problem because I subscribe to almost everything… whether it’s via email, Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube. I think I live with the fear that I may miss something if I don’t stay up-to-date with everything I possibly can. Of course, this poor philosophy of life is fraught with problems and perils.

However, every now and then I find some gold in the gravel. Occasionally something will come into my inbox that makes the whole effort worth it. It’s usually something that adds value to my life or helps me add value to someone else’s life.

Therefore, I thought it would be an interesting experiment to share some of the highlights of what I get in my inbox throughout the week (Best of My Inbox). Obviously, these BoMI contenders, will not include private correspondence… so don’t start worrying that anything personal and private you send me is going to appear on my blog (unless you make me mad. But then I’ll probably just save it for a sermon illustration). What I will be posting, of course, is the stuff that’s out there for public consumption.

My hope is that perhaps one thing that I pass on to you will be a help to you… or, at the very least, be interesting to you.


So, without any further ado, here’s the recent Best of My Inbox

Raising Sons

For Pastors


The Church

  • Over at the Christian Post, Al Mohler offers his thoughts on why conservative churches are growing.

Biblical Counseling

Personal Development

  • The last post of three articles on making presentations from Darren Hardy. He has links to the first two at the beginning of his post.
  • Here are some helpful thoughts on reading by Ron White.
  • What Motivates the Motivator? by Chris Widener
  • How do you work one day less a week… and still get everything done? Here’s Lorraine Pirihi’s answer.


Worldview and Culture

Odds & Ends

  • Will Orlando Bloom be in the Hobbit? Here’s what he thinks.