BoMI Awards

Here’s some of the recent Best of My Inbox


  • Gary Collins shares some good ideas about how to handle failure successfully.
  • Here are 10 essential leadership mistakes from Dan McCarthy (ht: Management Craft
  • Top 10 Benefits of Leadership by Brian Dodd (Ten pithy – and helpful – points on the value of good leadership)
  • Tim Elmore has some great thoughts on developing students into good leaders. I personally think this is how we can change the world for Christ… by pouring ourselves into students and helping them become godly leaders.



  • Fantastic article by one of my new favorite writers, Marybeth Hicks, on the real questions we should be asking ourselves about raising our children, contra the focus of the recent Tiger Mom craze.

Personal Development

  • A brief look at Tim Sanders’ new book, Today We Are Rich at Church Relevance


United Methodist Stuff

Odds & Ends

  • My 93 year old grandmother, loves Amish romance novels. Why in the world? Eric Miller offers his best guess.

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