This Week’s BoMI Awards

The Best of My Inbox

Men’s Ministry Stuff

  • Happy Birthday to Man in the Mirror! Another great article on Pat Morley and the ministry’s history here.
  • Brian Dodd knocks it out of the park with this post at his blog. He shares a statistic about the important influence of men in their families as well as the local church. That statistic (I need to find the source of it) is one of the reasons I started the ministry to men at my church ten years ago. Must read.
  • What is an all-inclusive ministry to men? David Delk at Man in the Mirror answers that question.
  • Men’s Ministry Catalyst takes a look at men and patience.
  • Check out Character That Counts. They have some great resources.
  • Is God more pleased with your work than you are? Glynn Young shares some thoughts.


  • Tim Elmore talks about two types of leaders. He’s also got a great series going on non-negotiable qualities leaders must have. Here’s the link to the first one. You can find the links on his site to read the following ones. Good stuff.
  • Mark Sanborn encourages you to learn to lead.
  • The folks at Leading Blog share May’s list of books on leadership.
  • Another great article from Tim Elmore on why you should play to your strengths. I’ve heard John Maxwell speak on this and am convinced this is on target. Another Must Read



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