Prayer for this Lord’s Day

O Father, I pray –

 for faith to believe that Thou does rule the world in truth and righteousness:

for faith to believe that if I seek first Thy Kingdom and righteousness, Thou wilt provide for all my lesser needs:

for faith to take no anxious thought for the morrow, but to believe in the continuance of Thy past mercies:

for faith to see Thy purpose of love unfolding itself in the happenings of this time:

for faith to be calm and brave in face of such dangers as may meet me in the doing of my duty:

for faith to believe in the power of Thy love to melt my hard heart and swallow up my sin:

for faith to put my own trust in love rather than in force, when other men harden their hearts against me:

for faith to believe in the ultimate victory of Thy Holy Spirit over disease and death and all the powers of darkness:

for faith to profit by such sufferings as Thou does call upon me to endure:

for faith to leave in Thy hands the welfare of all my dear ones, especially …. and ….

 O Thou in whom all my fathers trusted and were not put to confusion, rid my heart now of all vain anxieties and paralyzing fears. Give me a cheerful and buoyant spirit, and peace in doing Thy will; for Christ’s sake. Amen.

from John Baillie’s, A Diary of Private Prayer


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