Tedder’s Top Ten: Worldview Websites

I have ranked only the first website below in order of my favorites because I regard it as the best website for worldview thinking and living. The others are in no particular order since trying to rank them would have given me a headache.

1.) The Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview – Very good and helpful website. It is regularly updated, has great writing, and some good use of YouTube as well. You can also get connected via Facebook and Twitter. (I’m also placing Colson’s BreakPoint here because it’s also very good and it touches on many of the same elements.)

Here’s a description of The Colson Center…

The Colson Center presents a research, study, and networking center for growing in a Christian worldview. The Center provides opportunities for searching a wide range of documents and other materials, joining a learning community, acquiring materials for training others, networking with likeminded Christians, and staying abreast of the latest in Christian worldview thinking.

The Colson Center links with a wide range of worldview ministries whose resources and materials are available by searching this site. In addition, opportunities for personal mentoring, ongoing and customized study and training, and daily email newsletters and devotionals are also available. A comprehensive bookstore of Christian worldview resources serves the needs of readers and students from all walks of life.

Using the writings, speeches, and other materials of Chuck Colson as the “first floor” of its resources, The Colson Center builds upon that to erect an edifice of worldview information, resources, and training from every age and sector of the Christian heritage. Following a Framework of Truth based on the Christian worldview, The Colson Center exists to equip others for the realization of transformed lives, churches, communities, cultures, societies, and times.

2.) American Vision – Gary DeMar and company are making much of YouTube as well providing some great articles on a wide assortment of topics. Not afraid to take on the hard issues.

3.) Catholic Education Resource Center – As a Protestant, I can’t go along with everything on this site, however, on the whole, it’s a fantastic presentation of the Christian world and life view. Lots of great articles.

4.) Leadership University – I debated whether or not to include this one. On the one hand, it has a bazillion great articles covering everything under the sun. On the other hand, it’s website format is from the stone age and thus, not very helpful. But, the good outweighs the bad in this case, so I’m including it.

5.) The McKenzie Study Center – I’ve been following these good folks for a long time now. Their content is always good and they’ve done a great job keeping their site sharp and user-friendly. The only thing on my wish list for them is to do more with social media.

6.) Orthodoxy Today – Just as I included my caveat for my Roman Catholic brothers and sisters above, I should say once again that, as a Protestant, I don’t agree with everything here either. But their commitment to the historic Christian faith and the impact that it ought to have for every sphere of life is unquestionable. Always good things to read.

7.) Probe Ministries – I think Probe has an article for every topic imaginable. From secular humanism to science to art they have an article for you. They are also in the business of training students to think biblically. (Check out their Mind Games conferences and seminars.)

8.) Center for Parent/Youth Understanding – I couldn’t possibly keep up with all the things that my kids might run into in a given week… even if I wanted to. Fortunately, I don’t have to watch every show, listen to every song, or check out every website since they folks at CPYU do that for me. Good information here.

9.) byFaith Online – This is an e-zine for the Presbyterian Church in America… which I don’t belong to. However, it’s more than a denominational magazine, it’s a great resource that expounds the “every sphere of life” nature of the Christian faith. It also has a strong ministry emphasis of living such a life as an ordinary part of who we are as Christians.

10.) Summit Ministries – God willing, my children will all attend the Summit Ministries worldview training retreats during the summers of their college years. They are the pioneers of this. Summit Ministries is doing a fantastic job providing a variety of curricula, as well as making the most of social media. A great site to check out.

** To be sure there are other very fine sites out there. If there is one in particular that I didn’t mention that you think is worth knowing about, please let me know in the comments section. Maybe I’ll come up with an “honorable mention” category. In the mean time, click here to check out the ones that I didn’t mention.

Honorable Mention

Grace and Truth,


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