Tedder’s Top Ten: Blogs

With the exception of the first two blogs listed, these are in no particular order. I go out of my way each week to read the first two by Mohler and White. Incredible insight from these two men. You will profit greatly from regularly checking in with any or all of the blogs listed.

1.) Al Mohler

2. James Emery White’s Church & Culture

3.) Justin Taylor’s Between Two Worlds

4.) Cranach: The Blog of Gene Edward Veith

5.) The Fellowship of Ailbe – This isn’t really a blog, but T.M. Moore is so prolific, that it might as well be. I’m profoundly grateful for this brother’s writing ministry. Make sure to check out the website. There’s plenty to read.

6.) The Point

7.) Michael Hyatt

8.) Desiring God

9.) Doug Wilson at Blog and Mablog

10.) Christianity Today

As with every category of Tedder’s Top Ten, there are plenty of other candidates that, though they didn’t make my Top Ten, are more than worthy to be read and blessed by. Click here and here to check out some others that I’ve enjoyed over the years.

Grace and Truth,


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