I Love Being A Dad!!!

Since tomorrow is Father’s Day, I thought I would celebrate with all the dads out there and encourage them with some articles and videos on fatherhood… some new ones and some older ones that are well worth reading.

Happy Father’s Day,

1.) Fathers: Key to Their Children’s Faith by Michael Craven at Center for Christ and Culture

2.) Two Sermon Ideas for Father’s Day by Joe McKeever at Pastors.com

3.) Without Fathers, Who Knows Best? by Jeff Myers at Passing the Baton

4.) Courageous (movie about fatherhood)

5.) Ten Conclusions About the Power of a Husband and a Father by Brian Dodd

6.) Action Points for Fathers

7.) 40 Ways for Fathers to Make a Difference

8.) Superdad or Superdud: Which One Are You?

9.) The Council of Dads

10.) Dad’s Duct Tape from Bluefish TV

11.) Fatherhood Matters

12.) The Tragedy of America’s Disappearing Fathers

And the classic…….. Dad Life

And here are some things I’ve written with “dad the family shepherd” in mind…


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