Tedder’s Top Ten: Parenting Websites

I was going to call this post my top ten “family” websites. However, between marriage, parenting, and family-in-general sorts of sites, there are simply too many good ones for me to be so broad with this category. Therefore, the following ten websites are very helpful as online resources for the wide and wild world of parenting (from a Christian perspective). (Click here if you want to take a look at my top ten list for fatherhood-related websites.)


And now, in no particular order…

1.) Parenting at Family Life.com

2.) Parenting at Focus on the Family

3.) Family Matters

4.) Parenting at Kyria

5.) Parenting at CrossWalk.com

6.) HomeWord Center

7.) Homeschooling Today (There are so many excellent websites on homeschooling that this should also be a separate category. However, this website’s subtitle is, “A Journal of Home Discipleship,” therefore, I just had to include it.

8.) Family Minute

9.) National Center for Biblical Parenting

10.) John Rosemond (While Rosemond hasn’t always addressed parenting from a biblical perspective, he is now a Christian and his book, Parenting by the Book, is very solid. I have found his no-nonsense view of parenting to be very compatible with much of God’s Word, even before he came to Christ, but especially so now.)


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