Wisdom for Pastors

I love being a pastor. It is truly one of the motivating factors for getting me up in the morning. I thank God daily for calling me to, gifting me for, and giving me a passion for ministering to others.

Today I was struck with how much more I have to learn and grow as a pastor. I still goof from time to time, but God, (and my congregation) continue to exercise vast amounts of patience with me. (I have also been given a wonderful and truth-speaking wife who is a means of grace and helps me see the “error of my ways” in ministry.)

There’s no teacher of wisdom for any sphere of life like experience that has been studied and meditated upon, but here are some links that will take you to some pretty helpful articles, websites, authors, etc., who will also pass on some wise tidbits.


1.) The 25 Most Influential Preaching Books of the Last 25 Years by Michael Duduit at Preaching magazine (Do you have any recommendations that are not on this list?)

2.) The July/August Issue of 9Marks eJournal – The Pastor and His Staff, Part 1

3.) Great help for lectionary preachers – link from post by John Meunier’s blog.

4.) The most recent devotional messages from T.M. Moore’s Pastor to Pastor column at The Worldview Church. Great stuff here to get you thinking and assessing how you’re doing as a pastor.

5.) 10 Ministry Principles I Wish I Knew When I Started by Brady Boyd at SermonCentral.com

6.) The June Issue of Preaching Magazine

7.) 18 Things Pastors Need to Know About How Wealthy People Think by Brian Dodd

8.) Why Your Members Must Learn Doctrine by Tom Holladay at Pastors.com

9.) How to Plan a Preaching Calendar by Josh Reich at SermonCentral.com

10.) Are Pastors Overpaid? by Brian Dodd – You don’t think I would include this one if I didn’t like his answer to the question, do you? 🙂



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