Tedder’s Top Ten: Prayer Websites

In his fantastic book on the spiritual disciplines, Donald Whitney makes the comment that the best way to learn how to pray is simply to start praying. It’s not that reading books about prayer is useless, but you can learn all kinds of things about prayer and never put it into practice. There’s something about going before the Lord in prayer that is the single best learning experience a person could ever have.

Having said that, there are many good resources available to aid us in our prayer life. In addition to Scripture, I have made much use of books of prayers, devotional works, prayer lists, pictures of loved ones, maps of persecuted Christians, etc. All of these and more have, I truly believe, enhanced my prayer life and made it a much richer and fruitful experience for me. They have helped to draw me closer to God. I’m indebted to the faithful saints who produce such resources for the rest of us.

There are also a great deal of helpful resources online. In fact, there are so many that I’m not sure how to divide up just the ones I know about so that there’s a nice round Top Ten list. Therefore, please know that the following list is an incomplete list on the subject of prayer. The following links will take you to websites that will provide resources about prayer, (and which will certainly help you in your prayer life), but will not necessarily include prayers and devotionals. I’ll share a list down the road that will include those things.

So, enjoy exploring the following websites about prayer. My prayer for you is that God will use the resources that you find at these websites and, through his Spirit, enable you to grow in your relationship and communion with our Lord.

Grace and Truth,

1.) Pray Magazine

2.) Prayer Today

3.) Prayer Closet Ministries (this site actually does have some great Scriptural prayers)

4.) Pray Big

5.) Harvest Prayer Ministries

6.) Prayer Transformation Ministries

7.) WayMakers

8.) Community Houses of Prayer

9.) Aldersgate Renewal Ministries

10.) Prayer Point Press Renewal Ministries

One to grow on.) Global Day of Prayer


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