Wisdom for Pastors

I’m amazed at how often I still blow it as a pastor. Blunders that I feel I should have long since moved past still creep up and bite me from time to time. I guess that realization is a wake up call for me and every pastor to maintain humility and a teachable spirit in our personal lives and our ministries.

I once heard someone say that the best of men are still men at best. We all have feet of clay. I think my clay goes all the way up to my knees.. maybe my waist. I need wisdom. I need counsel from those who have faithfully traveled (or are still traveling) the same road. Most especially, I need God… his Spirit and his Word strengthening, guiding, and encouraging me.

If you’re a pastor (or even if you’re not) the following links will take you to some helpful links and websites that will provide a bit of wisdom, truth and grace for your shepherding journey.


Established in Doctrine by T.M. Moore at The Worldview Church

The Biblical Counseling Coalition and The Gospel Coalition have put together a joint five-part series on depression and pastoral ministry. These are well worth reading, considering, praying over, and action upon.

1.) Depression and the Ministry: The Setup by Paul Tripp

2.) Depression and the Ministry: Occupational Hazards by Garrett Higbee

3.) Depression and the Ministry: A Ministry Sabbatical by Steve Viars

4.) Depression and the Ministry: The Need for Wise Disclosure by Jeremy Lelek

5.) Depression and the Ministry: Facing Depression with Christ by Bob Kellemen

John Piper’s authority for preaching (see video below). HT – Sermon Central.com

What the Embattled Pastor Prays by Joe McKeever

Most of you who read my blog will not know who CJ Mahaney is, but he is a pastor with Sovereign Grace Ministries. He has recently taken some time away from his ministry to do some self-assessment. My primary goal is sharing this article by Ligon Duncan is to show the necessity of accountability and humility in ministry… both of which seem operative in this situation.

And on the note of humility, here’s another good article by Joe McKeever on that subject.

Here’s a good article by Chris Brauns on sensing and responding to your call to ministry. While some of the strategies don’t match up exactly with how we pursue our call in the UMC, there’s still much wisdom here to glean.


2 thoughts on “Wisdom for Pastors

  1. I’ll be looking through these, but I’m upset that you have stolen my personal experience without citing me:
    “I’m amazed at how often I still blow it as a pastor. Blunders that I feel I should have long since moved past still creep up and bite me from time to time.”

    Anyway, good to know that, to quote St Clement, “we are in the same arena, and involved in the same struggles”. It can be discouraging to think you’re the only one without his act together. Thanks for the transparency, brother, and the encouragement along the road.

    1. That’s a great quote my Clement… and spot on. I don’t relish the thought that others are hurting, goofing up, etc., but I do find some consolation that I’m not the only one. But man… it sure does feel like it at the time. Ugh. Thanks David, Dale

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