The End of the West?

God is sovereign, so I’m not real worried (per the title of this post). However, this is still the culture in which we live, work, raise our families, etc. So, in an important sense, what happens in the “West” does matter… it has implications for our lives.

Below are four perspectives on some of the important goings on in our culture and the authors give us much food for thought regarding how we, as Christians, might faithfully respond.

Joy and Truth,

The New America
by James Emery White

Here’s an excerpt…

It’s now official. The United States is “bigger, older, more Hispanic and Asian and less wedded to marriage and traditional families than it was in 1990.”

Want more?

Okay. It is also “less enamored of kids, more embracing of several generations living under one roof, more inclusive of same-sex couples, more cognizant of multiracial identities, more suburban, less rural and leaning more to the South and West.”

Why are such pronouncements now “official”? It’s because the results of the 2010 Census have been pouring out all year and we are now in a position to begin pulling them all together into a cohesive picture.

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Evangelicals and the Gay Moral Revolution
by Al Mohler

The Christian church has faced no shortage of challenges in its 2,000-year history. But now it’s facing a challenge that is shaking its foundations: homosexuality.

To many onlookers, this seems strange or even tragic. Why can’t Christians just join the revolution?

And make no mistake, it is a moral revolution. As philosopher Kwame Anthony Appiah of Princeton University demonstrated in his recent book, “The Honor Code,” moral revolutions generally happen over a long period of time. But this is hardly the case with the shift we’ve witnessed on the question of homosexuality.

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The Church’s Moment in the Unraveling of the West
by Michael Craven

I do not think it too strong or sensational to say that we are witnessing the collapse of Western civilization. Across the Western world, the fruits of apostasy and secularism are manifesting themselves in overwhelmingly destructive ways. 

In my lifetime I have seen the rapid demise of the family. For the first time in American history, nonmarried households now outnumber married households (52 percent vs. 48 percent respectively). Today, only one-fifth of American households represent “traditional families—married couples with children” (New York Times, “Married Couples Are No Longer a Majority, Census Finds,” May 28, 2011). Out-of-wedlock birthrates in the US have reached 40 percent following a similar trend throughout Western European countries, some of which are as high as 66 percent. 

While out-of-wedlock births continue to rise, more and more people are simply not having children at all, leading to depopulation of the West on a scale unprecedented. Add to this the radical redefinition of marriage and family to include same-sex couples and the future of the natural family—an institution essential to a healthy society—only promises to worsen. 

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Let’s Give Them an Answer
by Charles Colson

And one to grow on…

Transforming the Culture
by Regis Nicoll

In light of present circumstances, a worthy question is: “Where is the church today in this transformation work?

The church has the message, the witnesses, and the indwelling Presence of transformation. On top of that, it has a nineteen-hundred-year record of influencing change for the betterment of mankind. Without question, the best that Western civilization has to offer was birthed and nurtured by Christian thought. Yet, the effectiveness of the Church over the past generation has been marginal, at best.

Although a handful of ministries, like Renovaré and The Upper Room, help people develop a rule of life for spiritual formation, few churches have a structured process (or even a stated expectation) for developing their people spiritually and equipping them to be agents of change in the culture.

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2 thoughts on “The End of the West?

  1. I find your website to be a wealth of knowledge and I have it bookmarked . Thank you for all the work you do acquiring information to inspire and motivate us as Christians. We have work to do in the service of our God. I know your mom through my employment at St. Johns Country Day School.

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