New Men’s Study at Southside

Marriage: Becoming A Godly Husband

 NO HOMEWORK! Now that I have your attention, read on…

 For 10 ½ years you men have been busting your backsides… faithfully doing your homework, showing up each week, participating in discussing God’s Word with your brothers, praying for one another, etc.

 For our new study we’re going to take a brief hiatus from the homework… yet still dig in just as deeply to discover what God’s Word has to say about marriage, and especially who we’re called to be as husbands.

 We’re each at different places on this journey. Some of you have been husbands for a long time and some for only a few years. Others of you have never been married while others of you are divorced or widowed. We’re all over the map. But here’s what I believe to my core: In addition to hearing what God has to say about marriage, we desperately need to hear from one another and learn from the variety of our experiences. We need to learn from our collective successes and failures. That’s one of the ways we can become the husbands that God has called us to be.

 In a real sense there will be homework each week. I say that because, hopefully, with God’s strength and wisdom, you will apply what you learn each week, in whatever relationship you find yourself.

 I’ll hand out the schedule for our new study at this week’s meetings. As always, this is a great time to invite new men to join us.

 Please pray with me that God will use this new study to pour out his blessings upon us.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at

 Your Brother in Christ,


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