I have about five or six articles in my head on the subject of self-awareness. It’s a bit of a buzzword, at least in some circles, but it’s a very important concept, especially in leadership. I serve on several leadership committees and we find ourselves talking about self-awareness often.

I’m happy to report that now I don’t have to write those articles because Tim Elmore has written a terrific post on the importance of self-awareness. You will relate to what he’s talking about before you finish reading the first paragraph. I highly recommend it. He also has some good ideas about how to keep watch over your own self-awareness (or lack thereof).

Here’s an excerpt…

Has this ever happened to you? You are waiting at a store counter, ready to pay for the items you’ve chosen and the young clerk pays no attention to the fact that you’re there. They are chatting with a friend, filing their finger nails, or lost in a texting match on their cell phone. You clear your throat, attempting to allow them to notice you without losing their dignity. They still don’t seem to care. When they finally look up, they saunter over to you, but don’t give any eye contact. As they interact with you—they behave as if you are intruding on their time and space. You almost can’t believe what’s happening, but you do because it’s happening more and more these days.

This happened to me last week, and I couldn’t help myself. I looked at the young staff member and diplomatically said: “I’m not sure if this makes sense, but usually if someone is trying to give you money, you should make it an easy and positive experience—at least as much as possible.” I don’t think he understood my words.

Click here to read the whole piece.

Here’s to self-awareness.

Joy and Truth,


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