Prayer for Sunday Evening

Lord God, I thank Thee for the peace of this day, the peace proclaimed to me by Thy Gospel, the peace from the strife and toil of daily tasks, the peace of coming to Thee in prayer. I pray Thee, dear God, let not this peace vanish from my heart and depart from my life. Let not the cares of this world or its joy stifle the seedling of the Word which Thou hast implanted in me. Let not the image of my Savior be defaced in me by doubt and sin, by waywardness or shame. Grant that the joy of worship may be steady and strong within me, even in the days when I may not be able to go to church with my fellow Christians. Grant that the sureness of Thy peace may persist in my heart when the blasts of doubt and evil assail me. Give refreshing rest this night, and fit me, body and soul, for the labors of this coming week. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.

from The Lutheran Book of Prayer, 1951


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