New Marriage Study

Good Morning Brothers,

This week we begin our new Fall study on MARRIAGE. Not that any of us need to work on marriage. I know we’re all batting a thousand. But I bet you know someone who knows that they need work. Or, if they’re not married right now, they are planning on it one day and deeply desire to have a God-honoring marriage.

So, for the next few weeks we will be be watching videos, praying prayers, discussing Scripture, and talking with one another about marriage… and how we can become the godly husbands that God has created, redeemed, and called us to be.

There is no study guide for this. The only homework we’ll have is to put the  stuff we talk about into practice. So plan on coming this week… and invite a friend… or two…  or three… to join us.

I’m looking forward to learning from you. This is certainly a study where we very much need each other. The accumulated wisdom that we’ll have each week (that we’ve gained from our own successes and failures) is just bound to be a blessing to us all.

See you this week.

Your Brother,


2 thoughts on “New Marriage Study

  1. HI Dale,
    Are you putting the resources on line. Wish we could attend:) Neil and I were just taking about wanting to do a marriage study, even though we are batting one thousand. Ha..ha..
    Sounds like a great study.

  2. I’m sure y’all could teach the class. No, I’m not putting anything online, but I may have some prayers, etc., that I give the guys each week that I might put on the blog. Part of what we’ll be using is a study by Gary Thomas, called, Sacred Marriage. The book upon which it is based is really quite good.

    Have a great day today. Dale

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