Prayer for this Lord’s Day (God’s Promises)

by Peter Marshall

O Lord Jesus, I remember that Thou hast said, “Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt…” O God, deliver me from falling in love with things. Help me rather to love people, to love principles, to love righteousness, to love Thee.

Thou hast commanded me “to seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness,” and then hast made me a promise that if my heart and mind and soul and will were thus dedicated, I should receive as dividends the very things I seek – an abundant ministry unto all my needs.

O God, help me to believe this. Help me to practice it, that I may find for myself that the promise is true, that all my needs shall be met.

Thou hast invited me “to ask, to seek, to knock” – assuring me that if I ask, it shall be given unto me; if I seek, I shall find; if I knock, it shall be opened unto me.

Help me to believe that, O God. Give me the faith to ask, knowing that I shall receive. Give me the faith to seek, believing that I shall surely find. Give me the faith and the persistence to knock, knowing that it shall  be indeed opened unto me.

Help me to live the Christian life in daring faith and humble trust, that there may be worked out in me, even in me, Thy righteousness and goodness. With a sense of adventure, I make this prayer. Amen.

from The Prayers of Peter Marshall, 1954


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