The Man of God and God’s Word

We can trust God’s Word. We need not doubt it (as Adam and Eve did in Genesis 3). We are constantly being tempted to doubt what God has revealed to us. Such is the temptation from our adversary and it is the fool who gives in to it. Yet God has told us that he has revealed himself to us in and through his Word – his characteristics, works, love, commands, promises, etc. He encourages us to see that the purpose of his self-disclosure is to make us wise. Wisdom is “skill for living.” God wants us to grow in the likeness of Christ and live faithfully as godly men in this world.

In his book, Ten Questions to Diagnose Your Spiritual Health, Donald Whitney asks if his reader is “being governed increasingly by the Word of God.” Well… how about it men? Does that describe you?  I want to encourage you pursue this “governance” more and more in your lives. Scripture is God’s gift to you. Let me know how I can help you in this pursuit.

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One thought on “The Man of God and God’s Word

  1. I might posit a related question: What is in our hearts that inhibits us, draws us away, or precludes us from being governed by the Word in its various forms?

    Good to hear your musings, Dale.

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