Leadership Lessons #1

A dear brother in Christ and I just started a “Leadership Bible Study” on Facebook for some young men who have been called by God to minister to youth. I’ve never done something like this, but I love the idea. Here’s hoping that it adds value to these brothers as they seek to reflect and exercise godly leadership in the lives of the youth that God has entrusted to their care.

Here’s what today (the Introduction) looked like…

Leadership Lesson #1


I’m so glad for the opportunity to share some thoughts with you this morning and to enter into a time of reflection regarding what it means to be a godly leader in today’s world. Most of you are involved in leading youth, so you can deeply appreciate the great need we have today for godly leadership.

The thoughts, Scripture, questions, etc., that I’ll be sharing in the days to come will be coming from a book that a mentor of mine wrote called, “A Handbook to Leadership: Leadership in the Image of God.” It’s by Ken Boa (good book if you’re interested in buying it.)

Here are a few excerpts from his Introduction:

“The leader’s job, as Jesus went on to demonstrate, is to help their followers become heroes. Leaders who serve their followers by equipping them to be the best they can possibly be are leading the way Jesus intended.”

“Those who follow Jesus’ teaching and live in a personal relationship with him are made into better people than they could ever have become without his leadership.”

“The leader’s character counts more than any other factor of leadership and that character is best molded and shaped by Jesus’ own teachings.”

“The only approach to leading Jesus validates for his followers is Servant Leadership.”


* What do y’all think about those bullet points?
* What do you think a leader’s main job is?

Most of my comments won’t be this long (probably). But since this is the introduction, I thought it best to set the context for our future conversations.

Let Steve know if you have other folks you think would like to be a part of this.

Thanks Steve for moving forward with this.
Have a great weekend. I look forward to hearing from y’all.
Dale Tedder

As you can see, it’s nothing deep and profound. The whole point of my role is to get the conversation started by offering these leaders some food from thought. I know, and fully expect, that I will get much more out of this than they will.

Please pray for our efforts. Please pray that God will bless us with his guidance and wisdom so that we can all be the leaders he desires us to be.



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