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Here are a few things on coaching I’ve recently come across that I thought were worth passing along to you. Good stuff whether you are a coach, are being coached, or just want a few tweaks.

When Your Default Systems Work Against You by Julie Jensen – I’ve often quoted and requoted Ken’s Boa’s words of wisdom: “The Word will define you be discipline; the world will define you by default.” These are words we ought to take to heart and live by. This article by Julie Jensen addresses some of the same issues that revolve around this idea. (from The Christian Coaching Center)

Champions Edge Conference Call – “The Champion’s Edge Conference Call is a complimentary monthly call that is open to the public and focuses on current topics that have risen out of coaching sessions. Each month a Building Champions coach will lead the 30 minute call on a specific topic and leave you with tangible Action Plans that you can implement in your business and life.” This resource from Building Champions is well worth your time. Good stuff found here.

8 Shocking (and Hilarious) Social Media Gaffes – It might be a stretch to tie this in with coaching… so consider this “social media coaching.” Very funny (and right on target) stuff from Darren Hardy of Success Magazine.

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What is the Biblical Basis of Coaching?

Below are a couple of good articles that provide a solid biblical foundation to the idea of “coaching” as a ministry. On the same subject, two good books that have been recommended on the subject of coaching as it relates to Christian ministry are:

by Phil Newell at

Here’s an excerpt from Part One:

The development of a sound biblical basis for coaching will be critical if it is to be given a place of broad acceptance and usefulness in the Christian community in the days to come. This is an area that has only recently received serious consideration or study. The primary reason for coaching’s expanded application in Christian ministries has been based much more on its pragmatic value than a thorough biblical review.

As authors Linda Miller and Chad Hall acknowledge, “Coaching is growing because it works.”  And it does work – but that is not enough. It is vital that we take the time to determine whether there is a biblical framework for coaching and not assume that just because it sells it must be good. Pragmatics alone cannot validate Christian ministry.

Bible coaches?

We can safely acknowledge that none of the biblical leaders ever envisioned themselves filling the role of a coach per se. Not only is the title “coach” never used in the Bible, there isn’t another title, role, or ministry gift that exactly parallels the task of a coach. That being said, I do believe it is reasonable to state that much of coaching can be found in the context of biblical principles and practices.

Click here to read the rest of the article.

Click here to read “What is the Biblical Basis of Coaching? Part 2”


Book Review: Becoming A Coaching Leader, Part 4

Book Review for…
Becoming A Coaching Leader, Part 4
by Daniel Harkavy

(This is actually an older post, but in the spirit of my new feature on book reviews, I’m “reprinting” it.)

Title: The Core Four: The Foundation of Your Coaching Strategy

I like the way Harkavy begins his coaching strategy by focusing first on foundational issues. Sometimes, in a Bible study for example, someone will ask a very complex theological question. What the question very often reveals, however, is a lack of basic biblical or doctrinal knowledge. My reply is usually along the lines of: “You’re asking a calculus question, but we probably still need to remain with the addition and subtraction a bit longer.” In other words, folks sometimes want to put the cart before the horse. I believe it’s wise to keep a proper perspective before the people God has entrusted to our care. Only when they have a firm foundation upon which to build should they proceed.

Harkavy writes,

“It is not wise for us to spend time working on your daily priorities or disciplines until we have great clarity around your Business Plan. And we cannot have clarity on how you should align your team and resources around a plan until we know your strategy. So we must first understand what drives you, what you see as your purpose, and what you see for your organization in the future. We understand that your business or career is just one component of who you are, so we cannot effectively help you to build a business until we understand how your business life fits into your overall life.”

He will spend the next four chapters developing the idea of what he calls The Core Four Success Puzzle, which includes…

  • Life Plan
  • Business Vision
  • Business Plan
  • Priority Management

This was a short introductory chapter. I’ll turn my attention next week to Chapter 5, which is entitled, “Your Life Plan: The Coaching Leader’s Most Powerful Tool.”