Prayer for the Unemployed

O Lord and heavenly Father, we commend to Thy care and protection the men and women of this land who are suffering distress and anxiety through lack of work. Strengthen and support them, we beseech Thee; and so prosper the counsels of those who govern and direct our industries, that Thy people may be set free from want and fear to work in peace and security, for the relief of their necessities and the well-being of this realm; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

from The Pastor’s Prayerbook, 1960, edited by Robert Rodenmayer


Man Up or Man Down? Newsweek Redefines Masculinity

from Al Mohler

“We’ve arrived at another crossroads,” declares Newsweek — and this one represents a crisis for masculinity. As the magazine’s current cover story asserts, “The prevailing codes of manhood have yet to adjust to the changing demands on men.” With this cover story dedicated to “rethinking” masculinity, Newsweek launches itself into a very relevant cultural conversation.

“Man Up!” is the message the magazine conveys on its cover, though by the time a reader actually reads the article, he or she may be forgiven for having little idea of what this means. If, indeed, the traditional male is “an endangered species,” where does this leave men?

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What I’m Reading

Just started this book last night and had a hard time putting it down. The men’s ministry at our church is starting a new study this week and so I thought I’d see what Morley had to say on the subject. The first chapter was a grand slam home-run. Absolutely caused me to actually say aloud, “Amen,” several times. I’ll put some meat on this a little later this week. If you would like to buy it, you can click here.

Here’s a good post on Faith in the Workplace that also has some very good links to go with it.