Courageous Fatherhood

from Charles Colson at

These men fight crime, maintain justice and protect the most vulnerable in society. No, they don’t patrol the streets in squad cars or wear uniforms or badges (at least not the majority). But their job isn’t all that different from the job of law enforcement.

I’m talking about fathers and the roles they’re called to fulfill. The comparison is the theme of a new movie from Sherwood Pictures, the makers of Fireproof and Facing the Giants – actually a Baptist church doing a great getting these kinds of films into popular culture.

It’s called Courageous, getting a real buzz in the Christian world deservedly, but what really strikes me about it is the lesson it teaches about something I’ve been working on for 35 years: Those with the most power to prevent crime are dads.

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YOU want to date MY daughter?

from my new  blog, Pursuing Godly Manhood

I once heard a pastor say something along these lines: “I wouldn’t let a stranger drive my car… so why would I let him drive off with my daughter?” Good question.

Someone who had the opportunity to think a great deal about daughters and dating is Dennis Rainey, from the ministry, Family Life. Rainey became famous (or, perhaps better, infamous) in his community for interviewing his four daughter’s perspective dates. I just started reading his book, Interviewing Your Daughter’s Date: 8 Steps to No Regret, in which he shares the “why” and “how” of his interviewing philosophy.

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