Prayer for First Sunday of Lent

O Lord Jesus Christ, give us in all our life the discipline which will enable us to walk in your footsteps, and which all your true followers should show.

Help us to discipline our passions and desires, that we may never in an unguarded moment do that which we would afterwards regret.

Help us to discipline our appetites, that greed and gluttony and self-indulgence may have no part in our lives.

Help us to discipline our speech, that no false or untrue word, no soiled or impure word, no bitter or angry word may ever pass our lips.

Help us to discipline ourselves in our work, that slackness, idleness, laziness and carelessness may find no place in our lives, that we may not try to find how quickly we can do a thing but how well we can do it, that we may be more concerned with how much we can put into a task than with how much we can get out of it.

Help us to  discipline ourselves in our pleasure, that no pleasure may ever so master us that it takes away the will-power to resist it.

Help us to discipline ourselves in our devotion, that we may faithfully share in the public worship of your people, and that no day may ever pass when in the silence we do not speak and listen to you.

Help us to discipline even our thoughts, that they may never move in any forbidden pathways or linger on any forbidden thing, so that we too may be pure in heart and so see you.

This we ask for your love’s sake. Amen.

Taken from A Barclay Prayer Book