Rediscovering Gratitude this July 4th

with Chuck Colson from The Colson Center


An Attitude of Gratitude

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever. (Psalm 107:1)

Gratitude ought to be one of our most important postures as Christians. Indeed it is a defining characteristic. It goes hand-in-hand with humility. We should remain grateful continually but our thankfulness ought to especially be evident when we contemplate all that we have so undeservedly received from our God and Father and his Son, Jesus Christ. Where, then, is there room for boasting?

I believe we must vigilantly teach our children the attitude of gratitude. As I learn more and more about the new generations, I keep running into the word…entitlement. It seems to keep popping up with greater emphasis in every description of the emerging generations.

For the Christian, there can be no such attitude. Entitlement flies in the face of grace. Grace by definition is voluntary. It is unmerited. And while we shouldn’t be surprised by God’s grace (because of who God is), we ought to indeed be amazed to our core. We must pass this on to our children. Gratitude is a legacy that glorifies God and edifies his children.

Below are some articles that are worth reading, contemplating, and teaching to your children.