Heidelberg Catechism: Lord’s Day 48

The Lord’s Prayer

123. Question: What is the second petition?

Answer: Thy kingdom come. That is: So rule us by Thy Word and Spirit that more and more we submit to Thee.[1] Preserve and increase Thy church.[2] Destroy the works of the devil, every power that raises itself against Thee, and every conspiracy against Thy holy Word.[3] Do all this until the fullness of Thy kingdom comes, wherein Thou shalt be all in all.[4]

[1] Ps. 119:5, 105; 143:10; Matt. 6:33. [2] Ps. 51:18; 122:6-9; Matt. 16:18; Acts 2:42-47. [3] Rom. 16:20; I John 3:8. [4] Rom. 8:22, 23; I Cor. 15:28; Rev. 22: 17, 20.


The Gospel to the Poor, Part 1

by Timothy Keller at The Worldview Church

The original question I was asked to address was “How does our commitment to the primacy of the gospel tie into our obligation to do good to all, especially those of the household of faith, to serve as salt and light in the world, to do good to the city?” I will divide this question into two parts: (1) If we are committed to the primacy of the gospel, does the gospel itself serve as the basis and motivation for ministry to the poor? (2) If so, how then does that ministry relate to the proclamation of the gospel?

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The good folks at Worldview Church have addressed the latest brouhaha regarding recent attacks on several political candidates, charging them with having been influenced by “dominionists” at best and being “dominionists” at worst. Well, you may be asking, “What in the world is a “dominionist” in the first place? I’m glad you asked.

In their most recent newsletter, the folks at Worldview Church answer that question,  show us what is and is not really going on here, and also guide us in our thinking about how we should understand  our King’s dominion (i.e., his kingdom – his rule and reign)  in this world with its various powers and principalities. Here’s the introduction to the latest newsletter…

Dominionism Hype
Media Distortion Push Back

High profile, evangelical aspirers to public office, that is those who embrace a Christian Worldview, open themselves to being castigated for their views, whether accurately understood or not. As a prelude to this next (presidential election) political season, the national news media’s sharp-shooters have sighted in a few candidates who are identified as “extremists,” even those who would threaten individual liberty through coercive legislation. This week’s article collection equips pastors and Christian leaders to rebut recent media insinuations with background material. See Groothuis’s and Aman’s on the recent “Dominionism” controversy and T.M. Moore’s piece for a biblical perspective.

Here are the links to the articles in the  newsletter. All very helpful…

I enjoy every issue of The Colson’s Center’s, Worldview Church’s newsletter, Ekklesia. I heartily encourage you to subscribe.

*Extra – Just read this piece by Ross Douthat at The New York Times on “American Theocracy.”

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