The Young Men Film Pack

I wrote this last year.

This coming Fall, I’m going to begin a very long journey of teaching fathers (and, probably, mostly learning from them) on how to raise their sons. We’ll eventually cover those of us who also have daughters, but I think we have much to learn about how to raise boys in this day, age, and culture so that we can help them become the godly men that God desires them to be.

As a father of four, I have occasionally paid attention to what has worked and not worked with my own children and have actually learned a couple of things along the way. But I have also been reading everything I can get my hands on by “the experts” about raising children (and sons in particular). I have also been looking for great curricula and study material that will aid us in this pursuit. There are some really fine resources available that I’ll be sharing in the days ahead. But, I hope it goes without saying, that the greatest material is what we learn in God’s Word as his Spirit leads, instructs, and encourages us.


One of the ministries that has some interesting resources is Franklin Springs Family Media. While they don’t produce curricula, per se, they have a wealth of materials that can serve as a tremendous inspiration to families of all shapes and sizes. Here is the link to their “Young Men Film Pack,” which looks fantastic. You can watch the trailers to this film pack below.
Pursuing God’s Blessings for A Thousand Generations,